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Hat Trick: Bio

Mark "SlowHand" Cooper - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Mark is a former member of several popular Milwaukee area bands. "The Cool Hand Band" being most notable. Mark has the uncanny ability to make his voice sound like whatever artist's song he is performing at the time. Being in "Hat Trick" has made it possible for him to achieve some of his past musical goals including writing.

Larry "Blind Melon" Kubiayk - Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

Larry never has a bad day! We would all love to live in Larry's world. Unfortunately, we only get to visit temporarily. In Larry's world, all voices sound like Paul McCartney. Larry has played in several area bands and has been involved in a few original projects. Larry gets credit (along with Mark) for starting "Hat Trick".

Steve "The KeyMaster" Kohrs - Keyboards, Bass, Accordion, Vocals

We're happy to announce the addition of Steve, an awesome keyboards man, to the Hat Trick line up since Jimmi T has flown off on his own. Another long time area musician who, lucky for us, was available and actually said he would share a stage and work with us. (we didn't have to bribe him too much!)...a wonderful addition as he is not only an excellent keyboard player but also plays and teaches guitar, sings, can fill in on Bass, and is a teacher at Milwaukee Lutheran H.S...not to mention that he's also an all round nice guy!

Bruce "Bodda Bang Bodda Boom" Cole - Drums, vocals

Bruce is now providing the back beat for Hat Trick, taking over the drumming duties where John left off. He's also a fun entertainer, a fine singer, and a local music historian and expert as well. We're happy he agreed to be part of the Hat Trick madness. (he may have to spend a bit more time in therapy but should be okay...) You probably have seen and heard him about town in the past with other bands also.

Former Members - ( mostly drummers )

Jimmi T - Jim Tillmann - guitar, vocals
Charlie Kuchler - Squeezebox, keyboard, vocals
Don Neel - past rub board
John Tomaszewski - past drummer
Mike Harmon - past drummer
Reed Stapleton - past drummer
John Krueger - past drummer