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Hat Trick: News

This Just In! - October 9, 2016

Hello all,
Hat Trick is presently re-grouping but will be rocking on with a new member at the Bass Guitar position!
Our present Bass Man and Good Bud, Larry, decided to rock on to a new home, taking up residence in Sunny Arizona now...
We will miss them but wish him & Paula well in their new home! (and Mom too)
That said, we are excited to announce that we were lucky enough to hook up with another fine musician, singer and entertainer about town,
and one of our faves over the years, to take over on the Bass...(and he fits right in!) Mr. Lee Steffens!
Some of you may already know him from the band scene over the years playing with the likes of "Those Good Intentions", "Barry's Truckers"
and most recently "The Doo Wop Daddies"(for years) just to name a few...
We are happy he decided to join and add his talents, and welcome him now as part of Hat Trick!
Onward & upward!      Stay tuned for updates...... SOCIABLE!

Conversation With Sam McCue - October 14, 2009

Bruce was having a conversation with Sam McCue. If you aren't aware, Sam is a local musician that played lead guitar for The Everly Brothers, The Trend, and The Legends. Anyways, Sam thinks very highly of our own Mark Cooper. He likes to stand in the background and just watch Mark play and he said "One tasty guitar player, you'll never hear him getting diarrhea of the left hand or puking on his shoes."

WI State Fair Was the Tops! - August 15, 2009

We had the greatest time at the Wisconsin State Fair and Water Street Brewery this year..(be sure to check out the photos).. So many friends came out and helped with the shakers and rub board plus we had guest musicians sit in like "Jimmi T" Tillmann singing with us..(which is always a special treat but rare because Jimmy is in big demand around town on his own these days).. and Donny Neel playing rub board. Even those Florida Yard Dogs, Charlie, Brian and Kip stopped in after their gig over at Mo Joe's.......
We would also like to give a special thanks to Dave Buckner for joining us that night and playing the rub board he has gotten so good with.
And thank you all for coming on out and supporting us!
Without all of you we really would be just a bunch of bums catching the Brewers game and drinkin' beer.
Y'all are what makes the party so special and we really mean that!
Thanks again all of you and SOCIABLE! Larry, Mark, Bruce & Steve


We now have the new cd available. It was recorded live at Rock River Lanes in Fort Atkinson and we had a blast that night. We think you will enjoy this one big time. It has 27 songs on 2 cd's and some special licks from a good friend of ours, Bob Doyen. You can get a copy by sending $12 to Hat Trick - 1827 Cloverview St. - West Bend, WI 53095. Thanks and we know you will enjoy it.

"Live At The Fort" CD coming! - May 2, 2009

A second, 2 CD Set is coming out very soon. It consists of songs from a gig at Fort Atkinson that really had us in the groove. It should be available at St. Roman's Festival along with our current offering, "Rockin' The Covers", and will sell for $10 also. You can hear some of the recordings on our music tab... If you like what you hear, make sure to get your copy soon because at the end of the summer it is gone.

Catch another new song - April 3, 2009

Hi All, Larry here...
We were just mixing down a show from March 13 and I thought you might like this one. I hate hearing myself but the interplay with the guys is great and we have some great guitar work rocking between Bob Doyen and Mark Cooper you might find interesting. Bob and I were in a band back in the late 60s and he has been playing since the early 60s. Bob is originally from Milwaukee, lives in Phoenix now, but comes back and joins us at various gigs with Hat Trick and with Jimmi T. at different venues. Try to catch him next time. Anyways, listen if you will to MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Thanks,

Catch a new song - January 29, 2009

Check out the music tab for a copy of Jambalaya recorded live at "The Starting Gate" in Germantown.

A Milwaukee Standard Passes On - January 29, 2009

We wish the best to the family of Terry Franks and know all of his fans will dearly miss him. Terry passed on earlier this week. He played the blues and was a great showman. We used to go see Terry play at a little bar in Waukesha after our gig at Benny's Cajun Kitchen. He would be dancing on the bar while playing the guitar to his blues favorites. Farewell Terry.

CD a Great Success - October 24, 2008

No need to worry. We will not make the same mistake we did with the "Life is Good" CD. That one sold out and we still get requests for it. The new "Rockin' the Covers" CD will be reordered thanks to the great demand. We will be getting the reorder shippment in time to fill your requests. And we will have some at La Palmas on November 1st. Thanks for the great support.

Steve Provides Original Work...( & Happy Birthday to Mark! ) - October 15, 2008

Our own Steve the Keyboard man showed up at practice with an original piece of music that turned up to be lots of fun to do and really not a bad song at that. He likes to take an experience from the past and put it to good use. This one is about a bug in his beer. Come on out to Las Palmas II and hear it November 1st. ----- & Happy Birthday to Mister C! -----

New CD about to release - August 31, 2008

Hello all,
The new CD is about to be released. It is all cover songs and we had a blast doing it and we think you will like it. It has 14 songs on it including "Ring of Fire", "Breakdown", "Satisfaction", "Down at the Twist & Shout", plus a bunch of others. Check out the Music page to listen to a few samples....
If you would like a copy we will have them at the gigs for $10 or if you can't make it out they will be $10 plus $2 for shipping. If you would like to order one just mail your check for $12 and your address to:
Hat Trick
1827 Cloverview St.
West Bend, WI 53095

and we will make sure your copy is sent out as soon as the first shipment arrives.
Hope to see ya all soon. Check out the schedule and we love ya all.

New CD - July 16, 2008

We are working hard on the new CD where we are rockin" the covers. Watch for it.

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