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Hat Trick: Photos

Washington County Fair - 7/26/08

<center>A dancin' Party crowd</center>
<center>Look Ma, both hands!</center>
<center>Awesome RubBoard on a Saturday night!</center>
<center>Let's hear it from the Peanut Gallery!</center>
<center>Mark's Cousins in Da House!</center>
<center>Shaking it with "Big Daddy Dirtball",<br>How 'bout that Looking Back band!</center>
<center>Rock & Roll!</center>
<center>let's Hear It!</center>
<center>Mmmmm Good Stuff!"
<center>Nice Percussion Section!</center>
<center>Rock On!</center>
<center>Future Pro RubBoard player/Musician, Christian!</center>
<center>A family act!<center>
<center>Hi Beth!</center>